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Date Jun 27, 2018 4:18:59 AM
Name Carolyn Jacob

I'm excited about the upcoming 5th year Women's Conference. The number 5 and 8 are big deal to me personally, and my 2nd year attending.
i'm thrilled to be a part of this great and blessed event. I praise God for the Visionary, Minister Anita Latin! Great leader in God's Kingdom!

Date Jun 27, 2018 4:13:06 AM
Name Carolyn Jacob

Great God! Whoo!
Great Word on faith tonight! A Rhema Word! Hallelujah!!! Intercessor Sherida exhorted that Word! Great and fervent prayer. Glory to God!

Date Jun 24, 2018 3:17:00 AM
Name Minister Anita P. Latin, M.Th

God has blessed Abounding Love Bible Ministry again to host an Annual Women's Empowerment Conference this year. Conference 2018 marks our Fifth one! The number Five is the number of Grace! We are in high celebration this year as we commemorate what the Lord has done in and through this ministry, and it's marvelous in our eyes! We are celebrating Eight years since ALB Ministry was first launched. Eight is the number of New Beginnings! So with God's grace and a new beginning, there is no limit to what God can and will do! And we are also celebrating my birthday as well (August 9th).

Hope to see you there!

Date Jun 23, 2018 6:02:16 AM
Name Doll

Wow’ very proud of you and what God is doing through you.

Date Jun 15, 2018 7:25:07 PM
Name Carolyn Jacob

Intercessor Sheila Snowden exhortation "The importance of faith!"
Powerful Word!!!


Date Jun 15, 2018 7:05:41 PM
Name Carolyn Jacob

The Importance of faith!
Matthew 21:21
ALB Prayer Cluster Exhortation by Intercessor Sheila Snowden
Powerful Word! Glory to God!

Date Jun 15, 2018 5:10:47 AM
Name Carolyn Jacob

Great and powerful Word on FAITH brought by our Intercessor Sheila Snowden!! Wowwww!!! Glory to God for that on time Word!!!

Date Jun 15, 2018 5:06:39 AM
Name Carolyn Jacob

FAITH! God's healing Power reigns!!! He did it! Oh yes, He did! He healed young Intercessor Emonii like only He can, even before the prayers!!! And He healed Mother Ponder calling in to the line this evening, and several others we witnessed on the Roll Call. Glooooory to His Name! Great God! Great Word! Holy Spirit manifestations. Miracles, signs, and wonders in 2018!!!

Date Jun 1, 2018 7:23:00 AM
Name Carolyn Jacob

Glooooory to God! Intercessor Sherida Walker you was on point exhorting That Word, and the Holy Spirit spoke and prayed through you! You truly blessed my soul with the Word on faith! Hallelujah! God's blessings, and traveling grace upon you and your precious family as you travel, and great health to you always!!! We love you!!!

Date May 23, 2018 9:43:34 PM
Name Carolyn Jacob

5.22.18, ALB Prayer Cluster! Praise the Lord for another anointed Hour of Power! Blessings be upon our great Exhorter for an awesome on time Rhenma Word released in our hearing. Thank God for blessing the team with great continuity. God be praised!