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Date Jan 8, 2021 5:14:11 AM
Name Carolyn Jacob

God bless you Visionary Warrior Anita Latin for the ALB Ministry VISION 2021!
WE LOVE YOU! Hallelujaaaaah, Glory to God for our DYNAMIC first POWER Hour Prayer Call of this brand New Year 2021! Praise God for the fervent prayer cover of our Warrior intercessors, Lori Fairley-Green, Tony Foster, Bryttina Wyatt, LaDonna Church, and Shalette Persaud! Hallelujah for our Holy Communion, Holy Scripture reading by Warrior Denise Jackson, Fervent Prayer Of Consecration by Warrior Tanya Smith.
God is great, and greatly to be praised!!! Let's lift Jesus Higher!

Date Jan 6, 2021 6:07:43 PM
Name Yvetta Doll Franklin

Just dropping in to declare and decree you/the ministry a blessed bountiful God New Year !!!!

Date Dec 30, 2020 5:22:03 AM
Name Carolyn Jacob

Glory to God for another POWER Hour in the Lord on this Last Tuesday of the year! Powerful Word released by Warrior Sherida Walker, "What Love", and heartfelt prayers lifted. Heartfelt prayer on the roll call by Rev. Anderson over b our Visionary Warrior Anita, ALB Ministry, and his precious family. Glory to God!

Date Dec 24, 2020 2:43:41 AM
Name Carolyn Jacob

POWERFUL, POWERFUL, POWERFUL, on- time Word released last evening by Warrior Madilyn Middlebrooks!
"A Brand New Life!" Thank you WoG.
I'll say like Warrior LaDonna, "Everybody showed up, and clocked in!"
Great job Moderator Cynthia!
Powerful Word, fervent prayers, and great scripture reading of God's Holy Word! What a mighty God we serve!

Date Dec 16, 2020 5:53:40 PM
Name Denise Jackson

OMG, what a powerful word I was not on the call last night but early this morning this word met me. This word was delivered by the power of the Holy Ghost by Min. Bryttina Wyatt has set my day in order I need the Council of God to Direct my path and order my footsteps thank you, my sister, for letting the Council of God lead you in this word. I pray that God will bless everyone that was on assignment last night and our own visionary Pastor Anita Latin and everyone that was on the call have a wonderful and Bless Day.

Date Dec 16, 2020 5:52:24 PM
Name Cynthia Goudeau

Praise the Lord!!!
So, Thankful for that Powerful Hour of Worship!! Warrior Bryttina Wyatt Great/Amazing job!!! Warrior Tanya Smith Wonderful Powerful Prayers!!
Moderator Carolyn Jacob Excellent job and always a pleasure to hear you!! We Thank God for Warriors Emonii Struggs-Anderson and Demitras May and will keep your families in our prayers!!!
May God Continue To Bless Our Visionary Pastor Anita Latin for Albounding Love Bible Ministry!!!! Which is a Blessing to all of us!!!!

Date Dec 16, 2020 5:51:15 PM
Name LaDonna Church

La Donna Church: Amen one more time Warriors. The moderation, the scripture, the prayer and the word was excellent. Great job all on assignment. Love, blessings and a restful evening!!!!!!!!

Date Dec 16, 2020 5:50:10 PM
Name Pastor A

What an awesome encounter with the Holy Spirit on tonight’s POWER Hour! The Word was life & spirit. Thank you Warrior Bryttina. Prayers were fervent and heartfelt. Thank you Warriors Tanya & Bryttina. Thank you to our scripture reader, Warrior Emonii, our opening intercessor, Warrior Demitras (we’re praying for you) and to our National Moderator, Warrior Carolyn Jacob for your excellence in Moderation always!

God is doing something great in you!

I love you all!

Date Dec 16, 2020 5:34:10 AM
Name Carolyn Jacob

We love you Visionary Warrior Anita Latin!

Hallelujaaaaaah , thank you Jesus, for the powerful Word released this evening by Warrior Bryttina Wyatt, "His Council Counts" Glory to God, and the heartfelt prayers by Warriors Tanya Smith, and Bryttina Wyatt, great scripture reading of God's Holy Word by Warrior Emonii Struggs- Anderson and great, faithful opening prayer by Warrior Demitras May (Yes we are keeping your family lifted in prayer), great to hear 2 first-time callers (Answers to prayers), and one of them the mother of our Exhorter! Praise the Lord! What a blessed POWER Hour flow in the Lord, and Holy Spirit this evening!!!
God be praised!

Date Dec 11, 2020 6:38:13 AM
Name Carolyn Jacob

"God got me!"
Powerful "on-time" Word exhorted from Psalms 5:12, and your powerful testimony, Glory to God, released this evening by Warrior Andrewnetta Brown. Truly a Word for 'right now', on time, and in season! Hallelujah for that rich Word for times like these!
Bless the Lord our God for His Love toward us!