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Date Jun 29, 2012 8:33:52 PM
Name alvin keeping (cookie)
Location pab

burnt islands.....GOD;S BEST KEPT SECRET

Date Jun 4, 2012 6:59:41 PM
Name anne
Location toronto, ontario

some of your spelling seems to be off. it may be wise to fix.

Date May 25, 2012 3:29:37 PM
Name ivan lawrence
Location yellowknife nt

really like this page,miss home very much

Date Jan 23, 2012 1:52:33 PM
Name Gerry Meade
Location Halifax, Nova Scotia

The name MEADE has a long association with Burnt Islands . All my relatives left there a long time ago in the 1920s . My mother was also from Burnt Islands and there are a lot of my relatives on my Mother's side still living in the area. I almost consider myself a Burnt Islands Native. I and my wife and children have personally visited this great area a number of years ago. Other names that are related include, Keeping, Fudge, Herrit, Courtney, among others. May all the inhabitants od Burnt Islands continue to prosper. May God hold each and every one of you in the hollow of his hand. All the best.
Gerry Meade

Date Oct 22, 2011 4:38:40 PM
Name Lisa Nicole
Location Vancouver B.C

I would love to submit my song to your radio station and see if you'd be interested in rotating it! Here is a link to the music video.
If someone could email me the right contact email to send the song that would be great! Thanks,
-Lisa Nicole

Date Jul 13, 2011 12:20:28 AM
Name Christine
Location Australia

from a Harvey descendant

Date Jul 6, 2011 2:11:10 PM
Name Jim Given
Location St Catharines

Very nice site.

Date Jul 5, 2011 10:23:11 AM
Name Max Keeping
Location Dartmouth

Site is way better then it was a few years ago. It is nice to log and and see what is going on in the place you grew up in, Great job keep up the good work

Date Jul 1, 2011 8:31:34 PM
Name Lorne Bond SR
Location Harbour Breton, Burnt Islands


Date Jul 1, 2011 8:12:31 PM
Name LorneBond JR
Location Harbour Breton, NL

Good Job!