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Date Nov 15, 2021 2:07:29 AM
Name Linky
Website https://linkyblog.neocities.org/

Meant to send this a tad sooner, but Thank you so much for your kind words in my guestbook!! Leiji Matsumoto's artstyle really is super pretty! The great thing about wanting to check out his work today is there is a really nice amount that's easy to access! I can absolutely give some recommendations if you're ever interested. ^u^ And I'm so excited for the Anime release of Zetsubou-Sensei too!! I have the nendoroid of Nozomu too! I'm so happy about it, I never expected it to be brought over. I need to catch up on buying the manga too so I can have it all on my shelf.
I linked your button on my mutuals section on my about! Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words once again, and I look forward to seeing your site grow and evolve too!! I hope you have a fantastic day! :D

Date Oct 23, 2021 5:19:16 PM
Name Linky
Website https://linkyblog.neocities.org/

I LOVE your website!! It's so charming, that art of Ami has always been one of my favorites. Your site has such a cozy and nostalgic layout. I love all your pages, and reading your history page was so cool! And I'm so happy to come across another sayonara zetsubou sensei fan!!!!! I hope you have an awesome day!! \(^u^)/

Date Oct 22, 2021 4:34:47 AM
Name Doremi
Website http://d-o-r-e-m-i.neocities.org

cool site! ^^